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Welcome to Fashion Resource Hair your No.1 store for all your Hair Extension needs.

We buy the finest A Grade human hair extensions, made from 100% human hair. All of our products are of International quality, and most of our hair products are used by celebrities every day.

You too can transform your look! Our hair extensions will add vibrant colour, and give you extra volume and/or length to your everyday hair. It has never been so easy.

Hair extensions today are becoming the best way to give you instant glamour and sophistication. Just think; in minutes you could transform your short hair into luscious long hair in many different styles. And there are so many beautiful hair extenion colours to choose from.

Thick and beautiful luscious flowing hair, using our quality human hair extensions, is the best solution in reinventing your new look!

Our Products

Natural Straight

Natural Wavy

Natural Curly

Remy Single Drawn

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Style after style looking just as good as the first day! The natural qualities of Fashion Resource hair will give you confidence and leave you feeling like your hair is truly “a natural extension of you.”